Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All You Magazine........

I love the All You Magazine. Once I finally found it! =)  Awhile back some coupons were out for it and I searched our Walmart every time we went in and couldn't find one =/  Finally the coupons expired =(  We went to Walmart and look what was there All You magazines! Love the coupons and recipes. 

 I just ordered it delievered to our house for $12 for the year!! I was so excited because you know the coupons will make up that price easily! And it's exciting thinking about all the new recipes too! =)

I'm not sure how long it will be around but here is where I ordered mine! All You Subscription  I'm so excited now I don't have to worry about if the store has it or not! Yay!! =)

Poor coupon blog.......

I have this poor neglected coupon blog.  I started it before our Facebook page.  But for some reason I forget to use the poor blog =/  I will have to remember to use it more but the same with our poor jewelry blog too it's been sitting neglected too =/ 

I'm amazed at some of the big bloggers fan base!  Not envious at all. I can't imagine even trying to keep up with all that! =)  I want to help others by giving the coupons I don't use, as it is the postage gets a bit expensive.  =/  But it's fun and nice to be able to send to others.  I'm discovering that there are places to trade them too! =) 

A picture of our shopping trip last night.  1 little stop at CVS(had to pick up my moms medication anyway), then Safeway and a small stop at Frys'.  And all these stores are right around us I'm not traveling all over the countryside to get the deals! =)

Not the best buys but not the worst either! =) 3 stores (Safeway, CVS and Fry's) Total OOP $31.49 total saved $48.33 =) saved more than we spent which is always a good thing! =) I also seen a mother in the store trying to match cereal with coupons, had 2 of the $4 off 4 coupons so I gave her one =) I didn't really need 8 cereals! =)

I'll try to get in the habit of using our blog more! =)  Need to get back into the jewelry too!  =) 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Learning curve.......

There is so much to learning to coupon!  Sometimes I think I finally have it then something makes me say hmm nope still need to work on it! =)

I've made some decent shopping trips off and on.  I LOVE CVS for couponing I do fairly well shopping there!  Target is pretty good for some things as well.

I can say I'm so thankful for finally getting it to a certain degree though as the gas goes up every little bit saved helps!.

My biggest tip as I go is to Work with one store first!  Get to know how it works fairly well then you won't feel overwhelmed!  Walgreens still somewhat confuses me it's not as easy for me as CVS yet I know some love Walgreens more!  I do venture there from time to time.......

We continue to try to pay it forward by passing on coupons we don't use or won't use. On occasion a sale pops up that I wish I had kept a coupon for but for the most part the ones I pass on are ones we don't really use but someone else may.  And IF they don't then hopefully they pass it on to someone else that may use it.  Or like I've started doing and I've found a few the same way leave them by the product in the grocery store! =)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lesson learned or still learning

ALWAYS, always check your reciepts and watch as they ring everthing up including the coupons.  Today a $1 coupon wasn't rung up and I didn't catch it =/ 

Also watch the "brand" name for example nature made and nature bounty or something =/  I made the mistake at CVS this past week confused the 2 brands and paid more for a vitamin than I planned because I thought I bought the B1G1 free vitamin.  I went back in the store today and she pointed out MY mistake =/ 

It's all a learning process and can get a bit overwhelming from time to time.  But for the most part I'm not doing to bad, I think =)

Albertson's deal!

Well our Albertson's deal this week was toilet paper!  Really good deal on it.  Albertson's had 12 roll pack on sale(2 ply or 3 ply)  Paseo brand for $3.99 and had a $1.00 off coupon.  So price was $2.99 really good deal.  So stocked up a little for our family plus helped a couple other families out this time! =)  Which is part of our goal with learning the coupon way! =)  Learn to stretch our dollar and help friends that need it!  The sale was for 8 pack paper towels too but we went to 2 stores and couldn't get any paper towels =(

Just realized the sale ended today so good thing I made myself go pick up a couple more today even though I didn't feel like it. 

I'm still new to all this so not posting a ton of posts or anything just sharing the deals I've found so far! =)

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Target didn't purchase a lot and really didn't save as much as I would have liked =/  Still learning  here! =)

Spent $14.34 and saved $13.99

1-Centrum multi vitamin($5 off Target coupon if you buy 1 cenrum and pro-nutrients, 1-$5 manufacturer coupon)
1-Pro-nurients vitamin
1-Nature made vitamin but can't remember what it was now($3.00 manufacturer coupon)

We have room for improvement but we're working on it! =)

Second CVS Trip

Spent $18.21 but Saved $42.56 plus now have $10 EB =)

I wouldn't have spent as much but bought a couple clearance finger nail polish and couple little bags of chocolate.

3 little bags of chocolate
2 clearance nail polish
5 loreal products( spend $30 get $10 EB back used 4-$2 coupons)
1 CVS brand ultra thin 28 count pads(CVS coupon for $1 off)

Only mistake on this one is could have saved a little by not buying the chocolate and nail polish!

We did do a couple little other transactions with this one or my daughter did!  All for the love of makeup hahaha  She used her grandma's CVS card for these transactions!

4- nivea lip stuff (2-$3 off coupons and $5 EB back)

Spent $4.91 saved $9.16 PLUS the $5 EB back

Her 2nd transaction she spent the $5 EB haha

1-Maybelline lip shine (50-75% off plus $1 coupon)
1-Maybelline Lip stick($1 off coupon)

Spent $6.71 saved $10.50

So not bad considering the name brand of makeup which we don't normally do..